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From the Desk of Wayne Larimore:

We are currently making thousands of dollars on eBay by following a simple process.  We are buying product from Liquidation sites selling on eBay and then turning around and reselling them on eBay.  We are making a lot of money doing this!

Monthly eBay Payment Received
Month Type Revenue
01-January eBay Payment Received $128.81
02-February eBay Payment Received $160.38
03-March eBay Payment Received $797.62
04-April eBay Payment Received $716.09
05-May eBay Payment Received $670.54
06-June eBay Payment Received $603.88
07-July eBay Payment Received $193.30
08-August eBay Payment Received $508.86
09-September eBay Payment Received $511.51
10-October eBay Payment Received $248.30
11-November eBay Payment Received $128.79

This is just ONE of our Liquid Cash Machines at work. 
Imagine having 5 to 10 of these working for you?!

Did you know that large mega-stores like Sears, Circuit City and Sharper Image are liquidating their products on eBay?  Most folks do not know this.  What we have found is that the majority of liquidation sellers out there do a POOR job in listing their items.  They are simply providing generic pictures with bad descriptions.  This results in poor sales even on eBay. 

This eBook, RESELL FOR PROFIT, shows you how to take advantage of this and make a bundle of Money in return.  We provide you the source of where to find these liquidation sellers.  We maintain this list so that you can keep up-to-date on where to find your products to resell.  As a customer you will automatically become a lifetime member!  

We teach you how to research before you buy anything in order to reduce your risk.  This is a very affordable way to start on eBay and / or supplement your existing income streams.  

We teach you how to Market the products you buy in order to get the maximum price - resulting in Huge Profit.


May we show YOU how to get
the same prices we are - that (up
until now) only a small percentage
of buyers on eBay know about ?!

There's a select group out there making a living at
buying low and reselling high - and making serious
money on the side! Let us show you how it's done!



  Take a couple of minutes and learn the Buying secrets
that professional buyers and insiders will never tell
.  Now you can get the BEST prices, sometimes at
even 99 cents!

  You can keep these great products for yourself
or join the elite group of Power Sellers
who are reselling them for
on the Internet (like us). 
I can show you how to work a
few minutes
a week and make a good side income
doing it!


How do some Power Sellers on eBay find what they sell and for such a competitive price?
Stated simply, they know more than you do about how, when and where to buy products!
"How did you get those products? What did YOU pay?"
"How do the professional resellers get all the good deals? Where are their sources?"
"Why do some seem to have an unfair advantage over the rest of us?"
I would get those questions from friends, colleagues and even othergadget for resell buyers on eBay.  So, I wrote a book (you can download, print and read it now) that reveals the secret techniques used by myself and other professional resellers to get the best deals out there on eBay.  Do you want to know the secrets?

gadget for resellMy book will show you how to get incredible deals (as low as 99 cents).  You can order now and my guide INSTANTLY!

  • You need to know about a way to buy products while you are away from your computer and / or asleep  - fully automated!
  • You need to know how to spot vulnerable auctions on eBay that are easy prey
  • You need to know what type of seller to zero in on that will be easy pickings for great deals (I include my favorites :-p )
  • You need to know how to use your computer to make MAXIMUM use of the internet to nab those gadgets with ease!
  • You need to know the professional resellers advantage so you can make HUGE Profits when you want to - ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF your computer!

You are probably wanting some PROOF that I know what I'm talking about!

If I were in your shoes I'd want some proof
to alleviate my doubts before moving on. 
The best proof I can show you is
some of my recent eBay auctions
where I sold at HUGE PROFITS.

These are products that were bought using
the exact system I reveal in my book. 
These are actual recent (verifiable) eBay auctions
 (click on links to see actual screens)!

I typically make between
50% to 500%
Profit Reselling depending on market demand and other factors. 
This is legal, fun, and a very profitable way to make money on the web!

I'll show you how to get these products consistently... read on.  If you are familiar with eBay you know that it is impossible to make up a good feedback rating with multiple sales to multiple buyers, so this is the strongest proof we can provide you!

Since you've read this far, you're obviously aware of how great a potential this can be for an additional stream of income. Also, you should know that these tips work for nearly all products you want to buy and sell.  

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